Caps of favourite scenes of movies/tv, quotes from books and lyrics from songs and other randomities.




UK-based artist, Mobstr is leaving snippy little messages on London’s walls. They’re mostly simple sentences minimalist in nature and loaded with attitude.


IKEA strikes again with a good idea. IKEA offers free empty box to each of its potentials customers in the streets of Montréal.

On each box figures a discount and of course the IKEA logo.


Book Party by David Stark

“Photographs from a book-themed party from New York City event designer David Stark. The invite for this birthday luncheon at Arena Stage in Washington. D.C. which read “Life is made up of a series of stories. You are an important part of mine,” set the tone for the event. David was inspired by fairy tales and books – from the castle on the hill, to the Princess sleeping on the pea in a stack of book mattresses, or a golden egg nestled on shredded pages, and infused every aspect of the party with sweet reminders of how importance of charting your own story.”